The Lyceum Rosa-Gianturco collects in particular the legacy of Lyceum socio-psycho-pedagogical and the Lyceum of the social sciences, trying to
combine tradition and modernity. Its purpose is to provide students basic tools to navigate:

  • in the internal dimension of the mind and emotions;
  • in the external dimension of socio-economic relations;
  • in the enhancement of physical training, motor and sports.
    In addition to ensuring a complete cultural formation as a Lyceum, this high school is characterized by the deepening and reflection on the complexity
    of human nature with the aim of guide students to better understand themselves and others, providing them with the tools to orientate in body
    dimension and in the interior dimension of the mind and emotions. The institute has three different addresses inside itself:
  • Lyceum Of Human Sciences: Knowledge of the mind and the development of the person;
  • Lyceum Of Human Sciences Economic And Social Option: Knowledge of the social system;
  • Lyceum Of Human Sciences Sports Address: Knowledge of communicative dimension of corporeality.
    The school has totally 995 students and 97 teachers. The school and the staff have experience and expertise in carrying out projects at local, regional,
    national and international level, especially Erasmus+ (as applicant or partner) or Mini Erasmus (E.S.F. coming from R.O.P. 2014 -2020 of Basilicata
    Region) and Youth Exchanges: so they have many competences and skills to share with other partners. The school is also the Intercultural Reference
    The student exchanges have motivated the students to learn actively in accordance with the active methods (cooperative learning) in transnational
    learning groups, to present the results of their work and to develop a sense of respect and worshipping towards the European values. These
    competences assured lifelong learning. For the teachers from this school it was a chance to be involved in learning and exercising foreign languages,
    computer skills and exchanges of good practices in the field of education. These competences assured lifelong learning. The school programme is
    dedicated to promote activities that could be useful for the students. Not only oral details but also practical learning that can help students to enlarge
    their school and life vision. So the project, in which all the teacher team will be co-involved, will be extremely important to give to students the vision of
    the life of the villages, through expert teachers that will guide (everybody for their own competences) the learners to understand the specific
    environment from all points of view (artistic, geographical, biological, historical).
    Giuseppina Pino (key person): Teacher from many years. She has different experiences in international programmes and a very good knowledge of
    English. The school, in case of approval, will create a team of 4-5 teachers that will work together avoiding any problem of school-leaving.